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You can also choose to restore Windows 10 from a system restore point, which may work better if you need to pull up more recent versions of Windows 10 instead of skipping back entire builds. Boot your computer from the Windows installation media. @lewb41, from what I’ve learned from various Windows 10 forums, unless you “roll-back” to Windows 7, if you need to do a reinstall or a clean install you will still run Windows 10.

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There are 3 phases that you will go through in the series of installation process of Windows 10. The 3 phases are setting up the BIOS, setting up partitions, and of course installing Windows 10. Depending on the size of the drive you’re going to—how much data Macrium Reflect has to move—as well as its speed, this process could take a little time.

As part of the Bluetooth improvements, Windows 11 will now remember if you turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while in airplane mode. Then the next time you use airplane mode, the radios http://driversol.com/drivers/motherboards/amd/amd-high-definition-audio-device/ will reflect your preference. When I drag a window, let me snap it without dragging all the way to the screen edge. Show snap layouts when I grab a window to the top of the screen. The Storage Spaces page has a new design to match the Settings design style on Windows 11 and new iconography.

In case you’re a power user and require a screenshot utility that meets your needs, then Snagit is the app to go for. That said, if you are looking for a free utility or alternative apps, you can find out how to take scrolling screenshots in Windows 10 from our dedicated article. Like Snip and Sketch, another relatively new way to take screenshots on Windows is with the Game Bar.


As far as you can see, the installation of Windows 11 2H2 Build took some five minutes to complete. Windows 11 will be a major update to the Windows operating system. It will have a new look and feel, and it will be more user-friendly.

XAMPP is a free and open-source tool used by web developers in the Windows family and other platforms to set up the development and testing environment. XAMPP server comes with the XAMPP control panel to manage all its components easily. Yes, Windows Store is still going strong with the latest Windows 11 and is being constantly updated by Microsoft. In the Processes tab, search for tasks that are related to Microsoft store and end those tasks. Press the Windows key, type cmd, and click on Run as administrator.

Microsoft redesigned Notepad and Media Player for Windows 11. If you’re an avid user of either of these apps, you’ll enjoy the new features and the look and feel that fits with Windows 11 nicely. To upgrade a machine that doesn’t support TPM 2.0, you’ll need to manually install Windows 11 using the ISO file, which can be a fiddly process. Since this forgoes the Windows Update tool, you won’t be able to get the latest Microsoft has to offer, which potentially leaves you at risk. Microsoft sets a high bar for Windows 11, with system requirements only listing processors released later than 2017.